B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Agreement


[B2B Digital Marketing Agreement] 



To raise PURE Utility Solutions’ awareness about itself, its products and its services

Measurements of SUCCESS 

Value to PURE

The value that PURE Utility Solutions will derive from the successful completion of our efforts on these services will include but not be limited to:


This agreement is based on a (ONE) year’s commitment to the development, launch and ongoing marketing of this new initiative. We are able to begin immediately after your approval, provided that it is forthcoming from the   1st March 2021 till 1st March 2022 or when applicable.


Service Fee Package:

B2B Digital Marketing * £ 1.000,00 (One Thousand Pounds) to be paid in advance

* (Payment can be made weekly optional £250.00 pounds per week against weekly invoice)

These fees are inclusive of production costs but exclusive of all other expenses i.e. Softwares, Ads, etc.., so long as all work required is within the scope of the above listed objectives.

Payment Terms for any of the options are:



Conditions:  The quality of our work is guaranteed. In the event that you feel that we are not meeting the standards described herein or based on our mutual conversations and agreements, this agreement may be cancelled given 30 day’s written notice. 

Either party can terminate this agreement by giving 30 day’s notice in writing. No reason need be given for this action and no correspondence entered into. All monies due in this period will be paid in line with the agreed terms.


For:  LikaMarketing Communications |  110 Riverside, Boston, Lincolnshire | PE21 9EJ  

Elisangela Dahlke, Marketing Consultant    Date: 18/02/2021

For:  PURE Utility Solutions |  701 Clock Face Rd, Clock Face, Bold Heath, Saint Helens | WA8 3XX  

Ian Lawson, Managing Director

Thank you for reading and accepting this proposal.
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